Before the announcement, it was assumed that the new flagship chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon will be called the 8150, but the rumors were not confirmed: the new SoC (system-on-chip) has been called Snapdragon 855.

As the top mobile chipsets Apple and Huawei, Snapdragon 855 is performed on a 7-nanometer process technology. New Qualcomm chipset, as reported by Gizmodo, an OCTA core CPU and uses tracklisting structure: a “Golden” core with a clock frequency of 2.84 GHz, three high-performance cores with a frequency of 2.42 GHz and four energy-efficient cores with a frequency of 1.78 GHz. Graphics accelerator used in Snapdragon 855 is Adreno 640, technology-enabled Snapdragon Elite Gaming (while the details of her work Qualcomm did not disclose).

Among the important innovations — support 5G network. The new chipset is equipped with 5G modem Snapdragon X50 and can work with networks of the fifth generation with the connection speed up to 2 GB/s. it is also Reported that the chipset received neural unit (NPU), the fourth generation, which allows to increase the performance of AI tasks three times.

Qualcomm at the presentation also spoke about ultrasonic fingerprint scanner 3D Sonic Sensor embedded in the screen. This fingerprint sensor, according to the company, is more secure and accurate compared to other solutions. Snapdragon 855 received the support of 3D Sonic Sensor.

Presentation of the chipset was at the event Snapdragon Tech Summit in 2018, and Qualcomm, as expected, the summit will share new details about the device. Snapdragon 855 is the new flagship, which, as you might expect, will receive the main part of the top smartphones of 2019 (in 2018, most of the flagship smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 845).

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