The retail network “M. Video”, “Eldorado” and DNS has reduced prices on “Yandex. Phone” to 9990 RUB it drew attention to the “Kommersant”. This is the second reduction in prices of smartphone “Yandex”. Initially in December 2018 phone entered the market with a price of 17 990 rubles, however, in February the price dropped to 13 990 rubles In the group “M. Video—Eldorado” the decline explained by the fact that the networks are in summer sales. “Prices reduced by 2 thousand models of vehicles, including more than one hundred smartphones of different brands — Apple, Vivo, Xiaomi and others”, — said the press service of the company. In the marketplace of Yandex and Sberbank “Take”, “Connected” and “Vympelcom” the cost of the device left 13 990 rubles, Sources in the telecommunications market attribute this to the low sales of the smartphone. “Sales did not meet expectations, and “Yandex” could begin, the difficulty of extending the lease of warehouse for unsold equipment”, — says the interlocutor of the edition. We will remind, in January 2019 it was reported that it had sold just 400 “Yandex. Phones” while overall smartphone sales of 3.5 million in the same month. The other gadget of the company “Yandex. Station” — caused a huge stir among users. Only in the first hours after the announcement arrived more than 20 thousand applications.

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