The game won many awards.

Rolando is one of the first high-quality games for the iPhone, released back in 2008 after the launch of the App store. The game was recognized as one of the best iPhone in history, but in 2017 it disappeared from the App Store due to Apple’s decision to abandon 32-bit applications. Fortunately, the developers of the legendary game has prepared an updated version of the game Rolando, which will be released on iPhone is already April 3rd.

The company HandCircus has announced the launch of an updated version of the game Rolando. Rolando: Royal Edition — reworked version of the original game 2008 sample. Rolando gameplay remains without major changes. Instead, developers have updated the game with modern graphics, new levels and support for the new mechanic.

The goal of the game Rolando is simple — the player needs to hold cartoon characters through the levels using a variety of traps. But despite the simplicity of this idea, Rolando, is rightly considered one of the best games for mobile devices. Some leading gaming publications, including IGN, is called the game — the best among all that have ever appeared on the iPhone.

Rolando: Royal Edition will be released in the App Store April 3. Product page has already appeared in Apple’s app store. The cost of the game is 149 rubles.


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