Reuters reports that Google would develop its own single chip in the near future. At the moment the search giant is gaining engineers from India for his team gChips, which will chipsets. Now there is 16 people, 80 it is planned to hire up to the end of the year.

It is assumed that Google are preparing their own mobile processor, which will allow the company to further optimize hardware and software components of the line Pixel. In this case, the Corporation shall draft their chips in 2014. In particular, this is a special AI chip for image processing Pixel Visual Core, which Google created in cooperation with Intel. He appeared in the Pixel 2. And Pixel 3 is mounted Titan M to increase the security of user data.

In this way for a long time is Apple, and its chips are prepared with Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. This will reduce dependence on suppliers and to reinforce their own position in the market. Among other developers of mobile processors you can remember Huawei, and Xiaomi.

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