Sony PlayStation 5 will be very interesting to owners of old consoles.

News about the long-awaited gaming console Sony PlayStation 5 continue to do that. Today it became known that one of the features of a PlayStation 5 will be able to run the console games of previous generations. Sony has patented the relevant technology, further hinting at the imminent announcement of the consoles.

In the patent “Remastered by emulation” describes a solution to improve texture through emulation and to adapt them to the screens with higher resolution. With this technology, the PlayStation 5 will run games from the consoles of previous generations. PS4 there is no such option that users have repeatedly complained.

The complaints came because of the competing consoles, the Xbox One, that is. Xbox One users can freely run old games on a new console with backwards compatibility.

However, Sony will soon offer their fans the same option. Release date of PlayStation 5 currently unknown and information about it quite contradictory. According to some sources, no verified information about the PlayStation 5 is not in principle. According to others, Sony has begun sending developers the necessary documents on the console.

Source: GN.


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