Apple will not go on about the market.

Develops custom Apple iPhone with flexible display that will be radically different from most folding new generation of smartphones from leading manufacturers. About it in a recent interview let slip the head of the innovation design center of Samsung Federico Casalegno.

According to Casalegno, Apple intends to release the first iPhone with a flexible display before 2020. Most leading manufacturers will present their foldable phones with flexible displays in 2019. The first will be the Samsung Flex, the presentation of which will take place in the next two months. However, the price of the smartphone will be impressive — more than $1300. Experts now say that the big demand for this model to expect is definitely not worth it.

Also, Casalegno said that Apple don’t seem to be the emerging trend and iPhone creates a traditional shape but with a curved display. This means that the smartphone will not be collapsible in contrast to the same Flex and the upcoming Samsung folding smartphone Huawei, LG and other manufacturers.

The representative of Samsung believes that Apple is not going to play into the hands. He is confident that the foldable design of the smartphones of the future, as it significantly increased folding display provides users with more flexibility.

It is assumed that Casalegno familiar with Apple’s plans firsthand and received this information in the negotiations between the companies to supply flexible displays.

Source: koreaherald.


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