2019 while the new iPhone is not impressive.

While Apple presented the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone just a month ago, the first reliable information about the smartphones sample of 2019 has already started to do. Today, the most famous analyst in the world Apple Min-CIO Kuo has shared reliable information about the upcoming iPhone 2019.

The new iPhone will be superior sound

In 2019 the iPhone Apple will continue to work to improve the sound smartphones. Stereo speakers in the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max are 50% louder than the iPhone X. iPhone 2019 is expected to further increase the volume. The sound quality is also will be increased, however, no specific details, the analyst does not know yet.

Protection against water remains the same

But in terms of the water resistance of the new iPhone improvements can be expected. Kuo stated that the protection from dust and water will be unchanged compared to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. This means that the iPhone 2019 will be protected from water and dust to standard IP68 and can be submerged in water to a depth of two meters for 30 minutes.

IP68 is the highest protection of your devices from water and dust. Figure 6 in the acronym means the maximum level of protection from dust and 8 the maximum level of protection from water. If the device meets this standard, neither water nor dust can’t get inside.

However, Apple, like other smartphone manufacturers, can increase protection from water. In particular, to provide mobile devices the ability to dive to great depths. However, if Apple will do it, not in 2019.

Source: UDN.


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