Staff publications a Motherboard I bought in China counterfeit iPhone X for $ 100, took it apart and compared it to the original.

Apple has always enjoyed great popularity. It is not surprising that small Chinese companies trying to forge them to capitalize on the fame of the original.

The apparatus presented in the review, of course, cannot be called “Designed in California” but he doesn’t look like an obvious fake.

The phone is really similar to the iPhone X and repeats his features. He has the same side buttons working Lightning connector matches the size of the holes in the speakers and, of course, there is no “Home” button. But the images on the box and instructions are more dim than the present flagship Apple. By the way, to get closer to the original, the manufacturer has made to the device setup guide Facebook ID and at the bottom of the packing IMEI number really belonging to the unknown iPhone X.

The operating system interface very similar to iOS. Match icons and pre-installed apps, the gestures to invoke the camera and the centre offices. Gives a fake only the additional band over the alleged bulge under the front camera.

The creators of the device have tried and carefully copied the design of many popular iOS apps. But neither the graphical interface of Siri or the voice assistant on this unit do not work. As well as Face ID. Smartphone just highlights the user’s face and stores the image. Therefore, the gadget is easy to unlock with any photo.

Keyboard easily makes it clear that the user holds in his hands an Android device. Confirm it and the Google Play Store and the app “Weather”, which turned widget Yahoo! Weather; and “Podcasts” launching YouTube.

The gadget failed to connect to American mobile networks but worked well with public Wi-Fi. The staff of the Motherboard did not enter passwords from their own working networks and not used a genuine account. And rightly so. According to the report submitted by the firm Trail of Bits dedicated to research in the field of computer security, the device is running one of the versions of Android, complemented by the mosaic code, taken from different sources. The gadget is equipped with malicious programs and applications that allow you to easily hack the device.

The inner filling of the device is very different from the iPhone X.

Inside the case is hidden a lot of the plastics, and precision Assembly made not at the best level. The device is equipped with the usual, not OLED, display rather weak battery that might overheat and cause a fire.

Workers of the Motherboard do not recommend this device as the primary device for everyday tasks. However, the gadget is interesting because it is a sample pretty good fakes. Perhaps because of this, Apple is actively fighting the repair of their devices at authorised service centers. Apparently, the Corporation is concerned that the user will get a poor-quality parts, the device may be kompromentirovat and become unsafe for him and for others.


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