Review of iOS 12. Faster, more stable and a bit more functional

Since the release of the final version of iOS 12 a little over a week, and now we can share impressions of the new Apple’s mobile operating system.

This year Apple is actively testing its new mobile OS. However, even the first test build of iOS 12 was quite stable and worked well. During the testing in beta versions of the new iOS was not found any critical bugs. The only thing that complained by many users is the wrong use of GPS and some problems with a number of banking apps and messengers. Otherwise, everything was quite good.

The final version also did not bring along any serious flaws and bugs. At least a few days since installation, nothing like that was observed. Yes, small bugs are present. But the trouble they have no effect.

Speed and autonomy

One of the features of iOS 12 was that the new system is optimized to run on older devices. According to kupertinovtsy, after installing the update, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus should start working a bit smoother, and some apps to open on the “old” faster.

Overall slight positive change really is. After you install the update even iPhone 5s has become faster. A similar trend is observed for newer Apple devices. However, notice a performance gain “by eye” (without a comparison with iOS 11) is quite difficult.

For example, in the case of the iPad Air 2 much of a difference between iOS 10 and iOS 11 / iOS 12 was observed. The tablet is quite fast, no slowdown, stuttering or excessive “thoughtfulness” after installing iOS 12 is not observed.

With regard to autonomy, here the opinions are divided. Judging by various surveys, the final version of iOS 12 are unable to make an Apple mobile device less dependent on the outlet. The vast majority of users, even speaks of a slight reduction in battery life. However, there are those who have not noticed much of a difference or even noted a small increase.

In the case of test iPad Air 2, the battery life remained about the same level as before.

Interface and grouping notifications

Externally, the new Apple operating system is not much different from iOS 11. More precisely, there are no major changes associated with the interface. However, some innovations are still there. For example, the cupertinos have slightly changed the system icons in Settings, highlighted widgets and system notifications in a darker color and increased the font in the status bar.

But for many, the main novelty associated with the interface, was the grouping of notifications. The owners of Apple mobile devices no one asked Apple to modify the notification and so, in iOS 12 “ice was broken”. However, many would like to see not only the group, but also a number of other innovations. For example, more opportunities in the notifications or more options allowing you to set a flexible notification settings for different apps. But, alas, this is not.

As for groupings, it now works with some flaws. Simply put, some notifications themselves are going to “stack”, and some appear, as before, for each other. And in some cases the notifications can be grouped, and not grouped at different points in time.

In the iOS settings 12 there are several items that allow you to turn on or off grouping for individual programs and to establish its mode of operation. However, while these options help a little. It is likely that the normal grouping notifications will work after the developers will make some changes in your application.

New staff application

In iOS 12 Apple modified, and in some cases processed, many of the standard apps – Photos, Shares, Notes, voice Recorder, Books, Messages, etc. is Not to say that all of the mentioned programs has changed dramatically.

In some cases, the cupertinos were limited to only a few minor edits and modifications. For example, in the Notes cupertinos expanded the palette of available drawing colors, and in the Recorder and Promotions – completely redesigned interface.

The Photos app has also changed a lot. It has a new tab called “For you”, which displays collections of photos grouped by common attributes (date or location).

In addition cupertinos finally connected to media library iOS neural networks and other smart technology. The latter not only help to group photos, but suggest suitable for a particular photo filters and offer to share photos with those people that they captured. This option does not always work well. But quite often smart algorithms really “tell” the right people.

Another good innovation that is associated with the app Photo — search for photos. Thanks to neural networks users can now search for images by various criteria. For example, at the place, date, people and even objects in the photo.


In iOS 12 Apple paid a lot of attention to its voice assistant. Long time users criticized Siri’s lack of functionality. However, thanks to new tools capabilities of Apple’s voice assistant has grown significantly.

First, cupertinos more deeply integrated Siri into iOS. In the new Apple mobile OS voice assistant is able to predict user actions and to offer not only different applications, but access to individual features. For example, if Siri sees a missed call or a scheduled Calendar event, information about it will be reflected in the Spotlight window.

But the main innovation associated with Siri, are the “Fast team.” With their help users can create special commands for different simple steps. For example, you can configure quick access to a specific website, application, or playlist, open a specific note, etc

Especially for those who like functionality is not enough, Apple released a special program called “Team”. The basis of this utility is formed, a previously purchased app Workflow. The cupertinos have modified the original concept. In the end they turned out to be quite a powerful tool by which the owners of Apple gadgets will be able to create the advanced team that includes several actions.

Potentially such an instrument opens up very wide possibilities. However, most users are unlikely to frequently use the application Commands. A week of using iOS 12 I opened utility a couple of times. And one of them, just to create and test arbitrary command.

Screen time

One of the features of iOS 12 was a special section in the Settings menu called “Screen time”. In it, users can view information about how and how much they used their mobile device time spent on social networks, how many have received notices and even how many times raised iPhone or iPad from the table.

In this section there are also a number of settings that should help to reduce dependence on mobile device. For example, users can activate “alone.” After this the system will automatically disable third-party apps except Phone and those programs that have been added to the special list. To activate this feature manually, and on schedule.

But the greatest interest among users has caused special settings to limit the use of a certain group of applications. For example, you can set a time limit on the use of social networks or games.

The downside is that limits cannot be set on individual apps and games limits exhibited for the entire group. Besides, cost of such restrictions is easy enough. This clearly shows children. Judging by the responses of parents to the bypass locks little iPhone and iPad users spend only a few minutes. Someone just translates the clock in the iOS settings, and someone reinstalls the app.

Other novovvedeniya

In iOS 12 were made and other innovations. For example, Cupertino modified gestures, improved the Face ID, the expanded battery usage stats, job on safety and security systems and changed the algorithms for portraits. However, the latest innovation will be able to notice the owners only relatively new devices.

Not without minor issues. In particular, in one of the beta versions, Apple decided to abandon the group video calls with FaceTime. Yet for some unknown reason kupertinovtsy decided to take this step. However, Apple representatives were quick to reassure the user – function back to iOS 12. But it will happen later. Perhaps in iOS 12.1.


In the last few years, iOS updates rarely bring with them a large number of innovations, and iOS 12 in this respect, is no exception. Noticeable and radical innovations in the latest update of Apple’s mobile OSes are not so much. But the update leaves a positive impression.

Now we can talk about what to upgrade to iOS 12, is definitely worth it. The system is stable. The device “think” a little faster, and this applies not only to the latest models. And functions such as grouping notifications and “Screen time” make life easier.

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