iPhone XR is definitely worthy of attention.

iPhone XR will go on sale Friday, October 26. But at the beginning of the week Apple seeded test samples iPhone XR world’s leading publications, which praised the new smartphone and shared his opinion about the new product. Gathered the most useful information about the iPhone XR in this material. As it turned out, iPhone XR really worthy of the attention of Apple fans.

On a 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina

The iPhone’s display XR like most browsers. Screen named the best of the LCD, which was ever created. Especially the experts were impressed by the support LCD display function Tap to Wake that will Wake up the normal screen by pressing. Before such a possibility was extremely OLED displays.

However, in the related stresses that LCD display iPhone XR is worse than OLED screens iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 and other flagships. However, notice it will only succeed when comparing smartphones side by side.

“The display on the iPhone XR to order! It has a lower resolution and pixel density than the OLED displays in its new flagship smartphones. But no pixel, of course, not visible. To worry about!”, — The Verge.

About a single-camera

IPhone XR only one 12-megapixel camera. But this is the camera that is the main in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. That is, the best by the standards of Apple. Not surprisingly, the photo quality on the iPhone XR reviewers liked it.

Moreover, a single-camera XR is able to shoot in portrait mode. And it is also a unique achievement of Apple engineers, since it was considered that the Portrait is only available on smartphones with two cameras. But there is a caveat. Single camera iPhone XR can shoot in portrait mode.

“The iPhone camera XR shoots great. On pictures with lots of details and great realistic colors. Very pleased mode support Smart HDR, which not became the exclusive function of the more expensive iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Just turn it on and the pictures in low light will be much better” — Engadget.

About the lack of 3D Touch

IPhone XR no already traditional for Apple smartphones technology support definition touch display 3D Touch. Familiar gestures Touch 3D left, but not all. The majority of reviewers obviously didn’t like it.

“I used to use 3D Touch very often and almost throughout the interface. IPhone XR part of the gesture is lost, which is extremely unusual. On the positive side, I note that long-term retention, which replaced the 3D Touch gestures, accompanied by a vibration motor Haptic Touch” — iMore.

About speed of work

Based iPhone XR is a system A12 processor on the Bionic, which is made for 7-nanometer process technology. This is the exact same processor found in the flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Moreover, no restrictions on the capabilities of the Apple did not enter.

As a result, iPhone, XR — rapidly fast smartphone, which, along with the more expensive iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is now one of the fastest in the world.

About the time of Autonomous work

The battery life of the iPhone XR struck observers. New 6.1-inch smartphone Apple has become a record for the time of work without recharging. In traditional testing Tom’s Guide, which involves continuous web surfing, iPhone XR lasted 11 hours and 26 minutes. For comparison, the iPhone XS Max 10 hours 38 minutes, the iPhone XS — 9 hours 41 min, Pixel 3 XL — a total of 9 hours and 30 minutes and Galaxy Note9 — identical 11 hours 26 minutes.

Impressed live the time of Autonomous work. With the active use of iPhone XR from 7 a.m. on your smartphone to 9 PM only 24% charge. And this is considering that the smartphone in addition to the usual applications run games and long worked as a music Apple Music service.

The General opinion of the reviewers about the iPhone XR positive. Smartphone even called the most suitable for most users, largely because it reduced compared with the flagship prices.

The start of sales of iPhone XR is scheduled for October 26. Right now on the smartphone you can pre-order (where it is most advantageous).


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