A unique smartphone.

The company Rouyu Technology has bypassed more well-known competitors by releasing the world’s first smartphone with a flexible display. Smartphone FlexPai boasts a unique form factor and powerful hardware, but its cost puts an end to the market prospects of the device.

FlexPai is a device equipped with a 7.8 inch screen. In the open state FlexPai resembles a tablet. However, if required the unit can be folded in half and use it as a smartphone with 4-inch screen.

According to the manufacturer, flexible display smartphone was more 117 various tests and has passed 200 thousand tests. Among them was a test to check the strength of the display bending and twisting, and tests that involve stretching-and-drop apparatus.

The smartphone has the main camera with two sensors 16 and 20 MP. The battery capacity FlexPai unknown. The manufacturer said that the battery of the smartphone supports fast charging — up to 80% in one hour.

Smartphone FlexPai running water OS and software add-ins to the mobile OS Android. It is designed to take advantage of the huge flexible screen smartphone. For example, when FlexPai is in the folded state, each of the screen can be running different applications. In addition, to solve the possible problem with applications for flexible smartphone, the company intends to spend in support of developers FOR $30 million.

The cost base modification novelty with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB built-in store will be $1291 (approximately 84 900 rubles). For FlexPai modification 8/256 GB will have to pay $1433 (approx 94 200 rubles). The most advanced version of the smartphone with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal flash memory was valued at $1864 (approx 122 600 rubles). The start of sales FlexPei held on 1 November.

Source: tech.sina.com.cn


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