At the moment, according to the head of Department Alexander Zharov, the dialogue with the world’s largest online stores. According to him, the result is not yet available.

“The dialogue with Google and Apple really is. We text all the time. They took one position, we have a different Dialogue… legal, but I’m sure he will give the result”, — said Zharov.

According to him, lawyers of Roskomnadzor and Apple/Google differently interpret the third paragraph of the decision taken by the court, which says that the Roskomnadzor and other legal entities shall limit access to the application. The fact is that companies refuse to recognize themselves as “other persons”, because I want to act with businesses.

However, he also noted that the precedents at the request of the Russian government, the company has limited access to apps in the online stores really exist.

In particular, Zharov mentioned social network LinkedIn and messenger-radio Zelo. He also added that the companies have three options to fulfill requirements of Roskomnadzor, ranging from complete removal of the desired application from the online store and ending with the limitation of a number of its functions.


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