Blocked thousands of new IP addresses.

Monday, January 21st, Roskomnadzor has blocked thousands of IP addresses to Telegram messenger in Russia. The lock was fixed automated download of data to lock. According to experts, Roskomnadzor has launched a second powerful wave locks Telegram, resuming active steps to limit the work banned in the country messenger.

Blocking thousands of IP addresses occurred early Monday morning, January 21. She managed to track with a special bot that looks official upload data to lock. We are talking about IP addresses that are used as proxies to bypass the ban Telegram in Russia.

According to the Creator of the service Philip Kulina, there is an unusual burst of activity of Roskomnadzor. In the second half of the year the Agency ceased mass block IP addresses to bypass the lock Telegram, but now “back to hard catching proxy” the expert believes.

The messenger Telegram was officially blocked in Russia on 13 April 2018. Thanks to the efforts of the developers of the service Pavel Durov, Telegram is still available for Russian users. In particular, apps Telegram for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS regularly added new built-in system to bypass the lock. Further promotes the use of Telegram is the fact that messenger still not been removed from the App Store and Google Play and available to download for everyone.

Source: mbk.


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