Roskomnadzor will require Twitter and Facebook to place database in Russia or accept the decision on punishment of social networks, said the head of the Department Alexander Zharov.

“We have 21 of February, as I recall, in a week somewhere, we take the decision on Twitter or Facebook. In 20 days the Protocol will be signed. Under the Protocol will require companies either to locate the database at a certain time, assume it will be about nine months or they will be punished”, — said Zharov, reports TASS.

He also explained that representatives from Twitter are going to visit Moscow in February to negotiate on the localization databases on the territory of Russia.

The head of Roskomnadzor said that after verification, the authority has comments on Apple he noted that these shortcomings can be fixed in working order.

In January Roskomnadzor began administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter due to the fact that the company has not provided a specific response to the requirement to localize personal data of users in Russia.

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