The rule already went into effect!

Roskomnadzor reported that Russia has changed in terms of removal of the country banned the web pages. Innovation, which has already been made to article 15.1 of the Federal law № 149-FZ “On information…”, requires providers to start blocking in a day.

First of Roskomnadzor demanded from service providers to start blocking prohibited sites or the service for three days. Now the Agency requires providers to start blocking sites during the day. In addition, innovation requires providers to inform owners of banned sites “without delay”.

It is noteworthy that the new rule has already come into effect. This means that from 2019 banned in Russia sites and services are blocked three times faster. Roskomnadzor said that the innovation is aimed at the operational prohibition of various information, for example, “Columbine”, “roofing”, AUE, etc.

Previously Roskomnadzor denied rumors about plans to create a new locking system for 20 billion rubles.

Source: Roskomnadzor.


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