Apple has released a promotional video on their gadgets that help in creating any decisions. They demonstrated this on the example of the pizza boxes. Roller published on the official channel of the Corporation.

The plot of the video, four Apple employees have a special task — to develop a round box of pizza. Moreover, the project should take only two days.

First they make sketches on paper with pencil, but the task cannot be solved. Then the staff comes to the aid of Apple, including tablet, laptop, phone. At some point they even encountered an obstacle — a power outage in the office, but despite this, the gadgets continue to work. In the end, they manage to create the desired project.

Earlier it was reported that the value of Apple shares fell 2.3% to $188,5 after the presentation of new products. Thus, the company demonstrated streaming service Apple TV+, which will deliver exclusive content for subscription and is used only after the device company. Experts call the service a competitor to Netflix. The subscription price yet to be announced.

In creating content will take Directors such as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and M. night Shyamalan, and actors Jason Momoa, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston. The project will begin work this fall.


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