Apple is working to, followed by the iPad Pro, to replace the Lightning port on the universal USB-C and future models of smartphones. In addition, the company intends to release a new version of iPod touch — in fact, cheaper iPhone without the phone functions.

Reported blog Macotakara, a record of which there are many confirmed later predictions about the releases, but there are also erroneous. Japanese newspaper cites sources in the supply chain of Apple.

New iPod touch in 2019?

What changes will happen in the new iPod touch, Macotakara could not figure out. The latest model of the player was released in 2015 and in the version with 32 GB of internal memory for sale still, about $ 200. Other iPod doesn’t use iOS, iPod shuffle and iPod nano — stopped producing in 2017.

Theoretically, the new cheap iOS device would help the company to earn, increasing the number of users of its mobile ecosystem — potential subscribers of the services and buyers of apps and games. It is today for Apple, which has been able to increase smartphone sales, the main business development strategy.

iPhone with built-in “like everyone else”

As for the future iPhone, Macotakara writes about the “possible” replacement Lightning port used in smartphones and tablets Apple since the autumn of 2012, the year, is gradually becoming a universal industry standard USB C. a “professional” tablet replacement has occurred: USB With Lightning instead the company has put in their latest iPad Pro, was released at the end of 2018. From the point of view of the average user change was ambiguous, what you can read more in our review of the tablet.

Rumors that USB-C will go and the iPhone, do not appear for the first time, however, the specifics in them while was a little. Macotakara notes that, according to information from working on the integration of the USB-C on the iPhone engineers to the stage reference design (that can be run in production) the case has not yet reached. So probably iPhone 2019, the year will be released in the fall, even with the Lightning port, and the “revolution” will take place only in 2020.

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