The first Samsung smartphone with a new type of display Infinity-O — with a round cutout for the front camera in the upper left corner — will also be the first in the line of Galaxy device without analog audio connection. To output sound from the phone only via USB or Bluetooth, according to Gizmochina, citing published in the Chinese social networks leak.

We will remind, the first major manufacturer, deprived of their smartphones audio Jack, in 2016, the year he became Apple. After the iPhone 7, similar steps were done and other companies, at least several flagship devices without analog output on the headphone is in almost every brand. However, Samsung insisted that this feature is requested by users.

Now, it seems that the South Korean company decided to revise approaches. Galaxy A8s, announcement of which is expected in the coming weeks, the usual audio jacks will not be. So Samsung will continue the practice of “running in” of new features that will reach the leaders, on smartphones midrange. Previously, the company unveiled the Galaxy A9, equipped with a rear camera right with four lenses.

The main question is whether Samsung will decide to clean up a 3.5 mm audio Jack of the flagship Galaxy S10 and Note10, announcements are expected, respectively, at the end of winter and end of summer 2019.

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