Chinese Xiaomi, in addition to smartphones, sells under its brand name a lot of other products — from televisions and laptops to air cleaners and toothbrushes. It is not excluded that in the future the company will appear and e-book readers in the Kindle spirit, writes Gizmochina.

About it the company asked users, expressing bewilderment by the lack of such a gadget on the shelves Mi stores. Hope to those who have not yet lost the ability to read texts longer than four paragraphs, filed by senior Director Lee Xiaomi Chuanji: communicating with users in a Network, it is positive about the idea of producing such a gadget.

Although his words can be interpreted in different ways, obviously, of particular interest to the issue of “reading room” with the screen on electronic ink of the leadership Xiaomi is. Previously, the company’s engineers reported on the forums that the prototype devices for reading electronic books were ready in 2017. However, at that time, Xiaomi had other priorities: she needed to immediately stop the reduction in the share of the smartphone market.

The situation on the world market of electronic books is fundamentally different from what happens with other devices. Leading electronics manufacturers like Apple or Samsung, this market is uninteresting, and the leader (at least in the US and Europe) is Amazon, which occasionally updated and sold almost at cost e-book reader the Kindle is just another sales channel e-books.

∎The most powerful smartphone Xiaomi starts to sell in Russia. Tenacitate also

The Kindle has competitors — for example, Kobo — but they are not sold in all countries. Developing a device with more convenient and rapid than the current e-book reader, interface and control, as well as quality materials, and releasing it in the “uninteresting” Amazon countries at a reasonable price, Xiaomi could become a serious player on the market of book readers.

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