Presnensky court of Moscow has accepted the claim of 25-year-old male to Apple about the “incitement to homosexuality”. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

The plaintiff demands to pay him moral damages in the amount of 1 million rubles, and to remove the application for operations with cryptocurrency Wallet Waves.

In 2017, the young man set the phone app Waves Wallet in July this year, it is on account received 69 units of cryptocurrency and Gaycoin message: Don’t blame until you do that (“don’t judge without trying”).

The man broke up with his girlfriend and decided to try same-sex relationships. He believes that he bowed the currency name, the number of units and message in the comments.

“He decided to try, and now it is not satisfied that these proposals have led him to this condition,” — said the lawyer of the plaintiff Spigot Gusyeva.

The man filed a lawsuit against the Russian representation Apple — LLC “Apple Rus”, as the company provides the opportunity to download the app. In addition, Waves Wallet has no representation in Russia.

CEO of the platform Waves Alexander Ivanov said that neither the platform nor Apple have nothing to do with the newsletter, its founder was a private person. Apple declined to comment.

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