Speaking on the topical issues of digitization of the economy of Russia and the former Soviet Union, the main analyst of Bank “Solidarity” Alexander Abramov said that the financial industry now faces serious challenges, it is therefore necessary to provide a higher level of its reliability.

— Look, — he drew attention to such multinationals as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others occupy a monopoly in the field of processing, transmission and storage, and are also preparing or have already moved to expand into financial services. Due to the huge Bank of data on the preferences and tastes of customers they are, in fact, can dictate their conditions around the world. If you let things slide, our financial system will be here on the position, sorry, poor relation.

“SP”: — Well, appears foreign monopoly in the field of marketing. If it is convenient for the user, what’s the difference who holds, so to speak, reins?

— For the financial system of the CIS countries and Russia, this situation is fraught with loss of digital sovereignty. And this, in turn, is a direct threat to national security and independence. And it is impossible to forget that many important security data is stored in the cloud on servers outside of Russia. The lack of own technologies in the field of cloud data storage makes us vulnerable to the intelligence of our geopolitical rivals.

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