Let’s see what happens.

The Russian authorities intend to seriously “engage” information security in Russia. On consideration of the government of the Russian Federation introduced a draft nutsprogramme “Digital economy”. The key point of the project is minimized “passing” through foreign Internet sites traffic from Russia.

Currently, the majority of Russian traffic “goes” through major hubs located in Frankfurt, Stockholm and Amsterdam. The project assumes that by 2024 the share of network traffic from Russia will be reduced from the current 60% to 5%. For the project “Digital economy” in the country must be an infrastructure that can support transmission, processing and storage of massive amounts of data — both ordinary users and public agencies.

It is worth noting that the draft “Digital economy” was mentioned in the “may decrees” the President Vladimir Putin. The final version of the project will be reviewed on 1 October. Thus, according to the experts, “translating it” will ensure the emergence in Russia of a system similar to the “Great Chinese firewall”.

Source: Lenta


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