For those who don’t want to wait in principle.

Tomorrow, September 12, will be a traditional autumn Apple. The main announcement of the event will definitely be a new iPhone Xs, Max Xs iPhone and iPhone Xr. Russian Internet stores decided not to wait for the announcement and launched a pre-order for the smartphone for a few days before the presentation. And they offer to purchase iPhone Xs at really insane prices.

From a number of Russian online shops has enabled the pre-order iPhone Xs. Model with a storage capacity of 256 GB is proposed to be purchased at a price from 150 to 250 thousand rubles. Stores promise to deliver the smartphone immediately after the start of sales of the new iPhone in first-wave countries. Announcements fast delivery iPhone appeared on sites Avito and “Yula”.

Given the experience of previous years, such proposals will still be buyers. Most likely, Russia will get the list of the countries of the second wave, which will begin selling the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and Xr. This means that to us the new Apple smartphones at official prices will be available only after 1-2 weeks after the first launch.

Online stores with their highly inflated prices counting on interest from people wanting to buy a new iPhone before others. And as experience shows, these are wanting each year.

Recall that the new iPhone this year, by contrast, will be cheaper than in the past. The exact prices we’ll know on September 12. will hold the live broadcast of the presentation, be sure to join us.



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