The company “Rostelecom” eSim is testing a technology that allows you to connect smartphone to the wireless network without a SIM card. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to representatives of the companies.

According to the Director of project office MVNO (virtual mobile operator “Rostelecom”) Alexey Chernetsov, testing new technologies successful: needed to connect to the cellular network data settings profile operator was able to remotely transmit to the smartphone. The commercial launch of the eSim will be held after the state approves rules for providing this service.

eSim is a module that replaces the SIM card. It can be embedded into a smartphone, tablet or smart watch. To connect to your network, simply scan the QR code provided by the operator, or to download his app.

Technology is needed in order to use several numbers from different providers and switch between them. ESim now supports the latest models of iPhones — XS, Max XS and XR, Google Pixel, some Apple tablets and Microsoft Surface and the smart watch Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Technology is used in 24 countries.

About testing technologies also announced the operators Tele2 and “Bermoral”. MTS is testing the technology in the segment of Internet of things, “VimpelCom” and “Megaphone” while only studying the possibility to start such experiments.

In early April against the introduction of eSim in Russia was made by the FSB. According to security officials, for devices without SIM cards will be difficult to establish the Russian cryptographic software.

Russian operators and equipment manufacturers began to test the transition to domestic connection, which include “trusted SIM card”. On the concept of SIM-cards with domestic encryption works FSB, reported RBC.

According to the head of the Institute of precision mechanics and computer engineering Alexander Knyazev, trusted SIM card needs to protect Russian networks from foreign interference. In fact now the domestic communication control foreign companies which own the encryption keys, he said.

The introduction of domestic cryptographic scheduled for 1 December 2019, when it will come into force order of the Ministry of communications. Meanwhile, the document Department of trusted SIM cards are still not accepted. Knyazev said that users will not get forced to change SIM card to trusted.

On newer devices you can securely store personal data, experts say. In addition, new technology fear are the representatives of the “big three” (MTS, “Beeline” and “MegaFon”). According to operators, the implementation of eSim will deprive them of revenues from sales of physical SIM cards, will intensify competition and lead to price wars.

Thus in the Ministry of communications believes that the obstacles for the implementation of eSim in Russia. It is only necessary to amend the law that obliges to change the physical SIM card when porting from one operator to another. According to the Deputy Minister for digital development, communications and mass media Oleg Ivanov, the necessary changes will develop before the end of the year. In March, Deputy Minister Oleg Ivanov said that the Agency develops documents for the introduction in Russia eSim. They plan to prepare for the end of 2019.

The Ministry acknowledged that the operators do not have the infrastructure necessary for e-SIM.

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