The Federal anti-monopoly service has prepared amendments to the laws “On communications” and “On information”. According to them, pre-Russian will become mandatory for all imported smartphones, tablets and computers weighing up to 10 kg. we are Talking about a specific set of services: browser, antivirus, GPS and SMS messenger.

Will also be the possibility of removing foreign counterparts if they do not affect the functioning of the system. Against the initiative have already expressed Apple — she was sent to the FAS appropriate feedback and looks forward to continuing discussions about the document.

Earlier FAS at the request of “Yandex” has ordered Google to exclude agreements with vendors, items, limit the installation services of other developers in the Android operating system.

The initiative was commented by Eldar Murtazin, leading analyst Mobile Research Group:

The bill pushes the company “Yandex”, which now pay 18-20 million dollars a year for a preset of their services. Its adoption could remove costs from the Russian suppliers. Group and “Kaspersky” has also supported the initiative, they can enter the package required to be preset. Earlier FAS already stood on the side of “Yandex” in the case against Google, and now can be made the same politically reasonable decision.

Murtazin also said that the bill puts at risk Apple.

The law will require manufacturers to install on smartphones of the Russian services. If accepted, your iPhone can disappear from official sales, remaining only on the gray market.

At the same time, the analyst believes that Google to a lesser extent affected by the initiative of the FAS.

Google is the supplier of the software, not the smartphone manufacturer. Their services like Google Play recognized as part of the Android system, so to replace the conventional marketplace from “Yandex”, most likely, will not work.

However, the bill is unlikely to be adopted in its current form — it can block countries-participants of the EAEC:

Russia can not make such decisions alone. The FAS’s initiative is contrary to the interests of the Customs Union and could be blocked by the Republic of Belarus and Kazahstana, — said Eldar of Moutain.

Now developers have to pay for the preset programs on Android smartphones. Representatives of “Yandex” in conversation with “Kommersant” specify that the company will retain trade agreements when the amendments come with power.

It turns out, companies will have to pay for mandatory preset your software? Or it will be subsidized by the state? In the present document, the FAS is not specified, so while the bill raises more questions than it answers.

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