Analysts combined retailer “M. Video-Eldorado” has summed up results of development of Russian market of headphones for the first quarter of 2019. As it turned out, sales of Bluetooth headphone for the first time surpassed the traditional format with the wires.

The Russians acquired 4.7 million headphones on the total amount about 7 billion roubles, which exceeded the indicators of last year almost 6% in pieces and 60% in the money. Bluetooth headphones for the first time surpassed the sales of wired models, they account for 65% of the Russian market of headphones in terms of money (a year ago, they took only 40%).

The highest dynamics was demonstrated so-called “true wireless” headphones, the popularity of which has grown in 4,5 times. The most popular in this segment remains Apple AirPods showed an increase in four times.

The average cost of headphones for the year increased by 50% and amounted to almost 1.5 thousand rubles, which is associated with the growing popularity of models of the upper price segment, including the AirPods from Apple. For wired headphones account for 77% of all unit sales, but their share is declining in favor of models with the wireless technology, which finished in the money for about 65% of the market. Top 5 brands of headphones in terms of money includes Apple, JBL, Sony, Sennheiser and Samsung.

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