The remarkable increase in sales!

Laptops are not much cheaper in 2018 in Russia, which, however, did not prevent them to set the record for sales. According to the statistics of “Coherent” for the year MacBook have become much more popular among Russians. MacBook sales in Russia grew by 65% in quantitative terms.

According to Svyaznoy, 2018 in Russia sold 205 thousand MacBook laptops, 65% more than the year before. Russians spent on a MacBook, a total of 20 billion rubles — a record for the Russian market.

Due to strong sales of MacBook, Apple has managed to increase its share in the market of laptops in Russia. In “the Messenger” reported that the proportion of the MacBook on the Russian market at the end of 2018 will be 15.9%. It was 3.2% higher than a year earlier.

Experts Svyaznoy reported that a MacBook in 2018 are not associated with a fall in the price of laptops. The main reasons are that alternatives for the MacBook do not. In addition, some retailers still offered the purchase of a MacBook at a bargain stock.


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