Convenient service will be launched in 2019.

The government of the Russian Federation has developed the draft on simplification of registration of road accident for the subsequent reception of insurance payments for CTP. This will create a special app for iPhone and Android smartphones that allows you to quickly send the application to the insurer through public services. Due to this, the time on the paperwork in case of an accident will be significantly reduced.

Rapid processing of notices through a special mobile application will be offered to participants of road accident, which is documented by Europrotocol — without the participation of police officers. Making an accident it is thus possible in cases when the accident involved two cars, there are no victims, both drivers have insurance policies and there are no disagreements on who is the culprit.

For a quick crash logging in the mobile app both participants of the accident must also be registered in the “public Services”. Later it was on the website services the drivers will be able to follow the proceedings and to eventually get a payout.

A new application for Russian drivers is scheduled for 2019. Initially the service will be tested for three months in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and after will be available in all regions of Russia.

Source: Statements.


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