August 9, 2018 at the presentation in new York Samsung introduced a new smartphone Galaxy Note 9, equipped with multifunctional S Pen stylus.

S Pen is the key to Galaxy Note 9.

Stylus works on the basis of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, enabling him to remotely control a smartphone, but carefully to preserve battery life.

S Pen charging while in case Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Fast charging with duration 40 seconds will be enough to stylus worked for 30 minutes.

S Pen allows you to not only draw on the screen and take notes, but also remotely flip through photos, take screenshots and control the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 available in 4 colors and each of them corresponds to the S Pen of your color.

Blue Samsung Galaxy Note 9 got gold stylus, the other version has got the S Pen, echoes the color of the body.

The S Pen can control not only the smartphone. When you connect a Samsung phablet to a monitor or screen for your presentations, a stylus, a full-fledged remote. With it you can easily change the image on the display. The stylus is compact and comfortably in the hand, making control simple and intuitive.


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