Samsung Galaxy S9 is not in high demand at the stage of pre-orders. Sales in the first quarter of 2018 was pretty weak, but the result of the second quarter was even worse. It is reported by The Bell.

According to the report published on Korean news site, in the second quarter 2018 delivery Samsung Galaxy S9 was reduced in comparison with volumes of the previous three months. A similar situation occurs in the history of the technology giant for the first time.

Sale Samsung Galaxy S9 started on 16 March 2018. Until the end of the first reporting period — that is, for two weeks, fans of the brand bought 10.2 million flagship smartphones. Not bad for such a short time span.

However, over the next three months was in total sold just 9 million Samsung Galaxy S9. The cumulative result of innovations in 2018 is inferior to the demand for all previous models of the Galaxy S series over the same period.

Perhaps the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the ninth is scheduled for August 2018, will help to correct the situation and improve the sales of smartphones Korean manufacturer. But many experts believe that demand stimulation is Samsung to Refine the design and present gadgets, not so much like the models of yesteryear.


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