Analytical company IDC has published the report for the fourth quarter of 2018 for computer market in EMEA, which includes Europe, the middle East and Africa.

As it turned out, sales of personal computers, including desktop PCs, laptops, ultrabooks and desktops, declined by 5.8% compared with the fourth quarter a year ago. Total deliveries amounted to 19, 6 million computers.

First place takes the HP from 5.47 million units and a market share of 28%. In second place is Lenovo with 4.7 million and a 24%, followed by Dell with 2.7 million and 13.6%, Acer with 1.6 million and 8 %, as well as Apple and 1.5 million PCs, and share at 7.8%.

The reasons for this decline are called shortage of components, a British exit from the European Union and the so-called movement of the yellow jackets in France.

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