It’s not funny.

Marketers Samsung have made another failure. If yesterday they advertised Note9 Galaxy with iPhone, but today tried to give the purchased photo for the image taken by the camera of the smartphone Galaxy Star A8. However, a bit overdone with “photoshop”.

Completion photos were taken to promote the camera function Galaxy A8 Star called Live Focus. If you compare the two pictures, you can see that Samsung is seriously work on the original. In Photoshop has been replaced by the background image, dark hair was “ashy”, and the blood vessels in the eyes and disappeared.

In fact, the author of the picture is a Serbian photographer Dunya Judic. She took a photo with an SLR camera, then posted it on the microstock Getty. Samsung has acquired the through the service EyeEm.

Dunya Jugic tried to contact Samsung, but the tech support was silent. The message in the Samsung group in Facebook also to no avail. In response Dunya Jojic received only the standard “reply”, offering to help in the development of the camera functions of the Samsung smartphone. After that, she ironically commented on the actions of Samsung, noting that “Koreans” would have to hire more skilled Retoucher.

Source: diyphotography


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