Samsung does not get tired to spend advertising budgets to prodvijenie the products of competitors. New video dedicated to the iPhone X.

In a thirty-second video, Samsung has tried to make fun of the iPhone not only X, but the Apple bar geniuses.

The video shows a situation when the buyer comes to the Apple Store and asked the store employee whether the iPhone X the fastest speed in LTE network. What the seller says that the speed of the flagship Apple higher than, for example, the iPhone 8.

Then the client compares the flagship Apple c advanced Samsung says that believed iPhone X smartphone of the future. This phrase puts the “genius” to a standstill.

Most likely, this video Samsung wanted to emphasize the dignity of the Galaxy S9. Recently, the gadget has passed the test by Ookla company, which showed the fastest upload speed of all the devices ever passing the test.

Perhaps this is true, and Samsung Galaxy S9 really allows you to quickly install a particular content. But for some reason the company has decided to devote the next thirty seconds is a competitor, is better than paint to describe the benefits of the product.

This is not the first case when Samsung advertises Apple manslaughter. Not so long ago the company tried to compare the performance of Galaxy S9 is released in 2018, with four iPhone 6.

Show sale, the chosen strategy is very effective. A Is For Apple. At that time, as global demand for smartphones, including devices from Samsung, reduced iPhone 8 and iPhone X remains one of the most popular models on the market.


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