Samsung continues to subtly Troll people AppleНеделю ago Samsung released the first promotional video, in which he stressed the slowness of the iPhone with data transmission in LTE networks. And, of course, did not miss the opportunity to remind you that the Galaxy S9 with this all right.
Entering into the taste, marketers has released three new videos dedicated to Apple products. Subtle trolling and has already become a classic, the story: Apple Store customers with questions and Genius Bar employees.

Buyer: Can I use iPhone with these headphones?

Apple store’s employee: Yes, but you need an adapter, which is usually called “dongle”.

Buyer: But what if I need to listen to music and charge your smartphone at the same time?

The Apple store employee: Then you need another type of adapter.

Buyer: That is the type of “double-dongle”?

Apple store’s employee: Yes.

Buyer: Sounds obvious.

Buyer: This smartphone comes with fast charging?

The Apple store employee: No.

Customer: But I heard that Galaxy S9 it is.

Apple store’s employee: Yes, but you can buy a USB-C —> Lightning cable and power supply for fast charging. Have a good day.

Apple store’s employee: But, I mean, what’s a good camera.

Buyer: Better than Galaxy S9?

Apple store’s employee: Oh, I see that you have been reading tests from DxO Mark?

Buyer: Galaxy S9 And there got more points?

The Apple store employee: Well, if you believe your test…

Buyer: you don’t?

Apple store’s employee: I believe that (points to the logo on the shirt).

Buyer: You show up at the heart or the logo?

Apple store’s employee: Yes.

I admit, but trolling is very successful. From Samsung is great to pin up the main competitor.


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