Looks really unique.

Samsung is developing several new devices with unique flexible devices among which the smartphone charm bracelet. According to new documents Samsung, the company is working on an innovative band with a flexible display that can be worn on the wrist.

The new Samsung device, currently under development, has an elongated flexible display. A special system of hinges allows you to bend the gadget in several places. In the folded state of the smartphone can be used as a bracelet with a large touch screen.

In Samsung’s patent describes a system of attachment of the bracelet in folded position. Samsung engineers have provided the lock on the front panel, which is responsible for the fixation of the bracelet on your hand. According to the developers of the company, to interact with the lock will work with just one index finger.

At the moment it is unknown when exactly Samsung plans to release such a device. But given the strong interest in Samsung devices with a unique folding screens, expect the gadget follows in the next two to three years.

Source: LGD.


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