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South Korean company Samsung plans to equip its smartphones with OLED displays, which are incredibly resistant to falls and different kind of damage. About the end of development, “unbreakable” displays, announced the head of the Samsung Display Hojung Kim.

According to him, OLED panels are very durable and reliable plastic substrate coating. OLED panels outperform all modern analogues, differing with the ease, clarity and incredible strength. Damage-resistant OLED panels intended for use in smartphones, tablets, portable consoles and other devices.

Certified as “unbreakable” displays were held at Underwriters Laboratories, where staff are testing “products” in the interests of the office for the protection of U.S. labor. In a comparative test a revolutionary OLED panels Samsung Display have withstood a fall from a height of 1.8 m and extreme temperatures ranging from – 32 °C to 71 °C. in addition, the OLED panel continued to function after the stress test, involving repeated fall from a height of 1.6 m At Underwriters Laboratories twenty-six times “threw” OLED panel, but failed to hurt it.

Source: 9to5mac


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