iPhone Fold can become a reality.

Samsung has provided prototypes of folding displays to Apple and Google. Samsung thinks Apple and Google may be interested in the display of the new generation to use their own mobile phones.

Apple was awarded from Samsung is 7.2-inch foldable display. The provided model is almost the same as in Samsung Galaxy Fold — diagonal only 0.1 inches smaller. Samsung has offered Apple to test the new product and to decide whether the iPhone maker such displays for the following smartphones.

According to sources, Samsung intends to produce foldable displays for other companies. Currently the company can produce about 2.4 million displays per year. If the demand for a new generation of screens will be great, Samsung is ready to expand production and to supply 10 million displays per year.

How Apple responded to the invitation Samsung is unknown. Apple has many patents describing the construction and features a folding smartphone. Recent patents have been issued relatively recently, which is indirectly pointed out possible plans of Apple for launching the iPhone with a folding screen.

In 2019 is not exactly Apple will release the iPhone foldable. This year the company is scheduled to launch three traditional smartphones: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R.

Source: ETNews.


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