Looking forward to it.

South Korean company Samsung is developing a smartphone of the future. It will boast of a completely edge-to-edge display and camera, speaker and other sensors will hide under the screen.

As stated by Vice President of Samsung Yang Byung-Duk, innovative device will be devoid of any cutouts in the display. All the sensors necessary for the operation of the smartphone, and the front camera will be located directly under the display panel. As a result, the lens “frontally” will be invisible to the human eye, but, as before, will perform its functions.

The timing of release of the revolutionary smartphone is not yet known. According to the top Manager of Samsung, wait for the announcement of the full-screen smartphone in the next couple of years is not worth it. However, as technology advances, the emergence of revolutionary device looks quite realistic.

In this regard, he cited the example of the Galaxy S10, the front camera which is embedded in a smartphone display. As noted by Yang, Byung-Duk, the development of Infinity-O-screen Galaxy S10 was an important technological breakthrough for Samsung. Based on these developments and will be based revolutionary flagship Samsung.

Source: Yonhap News


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