Samsung is betting on foldable smartphones.

The company Samsung is actively working on a new folding smartphones. Samsung creates two folding smartphone, which differ in form factor from the Galaxy Fold. The unusual launch of a new Samsung smartphone is scheduled for 2020.

Samsung is developing two new folding smartphone that will be presented and launched in the market in the next year. One smartphone will be made in the style of Huawei Mate X. Its display will be screen out. The second Samsung smartphone in the form factor clamshell. This model will be the most compact and convenient for everyday use.

According to sources Bloomberg, Samsung makes the greatest emphasis on a cot. The company plans to make this model more accessible to consumers. At the moment the company has not decided on the price, but it is expected that the cost of the smartphone will be less compared to the Galaxy Fold, which will be sold in 2019 for $1600.

Earlier, Samsung offered your folding displays to Apple. It is unknown whether the real Apple plans to launch its own foldable smartphone. Leading experts in the field of mobile technology tend to believe that Apple is not going to release a foldable smartphone in next few years, as the device will not be sufficient demand.

However, Apple has all the patents necessary to create a foldable iPhone. If Apple will notice that consumers have a positive attitude towards foldable smartphones by other manufacturers, the company just wants to offer users a unique solution.

Source: Bloomberg.


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