Samsung has filed a new patent in the patent and trademark office (USPTO), which means a service called PlayGalaxy Link. Judging by the description, it includes the downloadable game software services for online tournaments and games in augmented reality and virtual reality.

In other words, it is a whole software complex, “sharpened” for mobile games and, it seems, is exclusive to Galaxy devices. This is not the first attempt by Samsung to create branded services to their smartphones in order to justify their high cost. There have already been attempts to launch a branded app store and things like that.

It is important to note that while the company has not officially announced its intention to create a gaming service, but those were a procession through the world, so it is possible imminent announcement. However, this is only a patent, because not the fact that the situation will soon come before the release. It is expected that the novelty will be similar to the Apple Arcade.

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