Another dubious “trolling”.

South Korean company Samsung has once again tried to “pin” the Apple, releasing ads that compares the capabilities of the Galaxy S9 and X iPhone. At this time, the object for comparison was the speed of the LTE connection of the flagships of both companies.

The protagonists of the promotional video called “Speed” are the employee’s signature retail store the Apple and the buyer, who came in the Apple Store. The latter is interested in how “fast” the iPhone X LTE speed. The store employee says that iPhone X this indicator is superior to the iPhone 8.

However, the question of the buyer that a “faster” if X iPhone, than the Galaxy S9 Apple Store employee could not say anything. In the end, the buyer exclaims, “I thought that iPhone X is the smartphone of the future”, and after the call to “upgrade” to the Galaxy.

A movie was met with mixed reactions. Most users said that Samsung wonder once again trying to advertise its product by trying to humiliate the iPhone. Even many owners of smartphones Samsung noted that such moves don’t make for the company. We emphasize that Apple in their commercials always focuses only on the merits of their devices, not paying attention to competitors.

Source: 9to5mac


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