Samsung has released three new commercials, which strictly makes fun of their main competitor — Apple.

The plot of all three video is built around the shortcomings of “Apple” products.

Video screenshot

The first visitor of the shop Apple asks his consultant how to open two apps on screen at once, dividing the screen in half: “My sister does this on my Samsung Galaxy S9, and I also want”.

The employee does not understand the girl and tells her how to open another app. She interrupts him and tries to explain once again what she needs. In the process the salesperson is distracted by her nails.

Here and below Samsung video US, YouTube

“Oh, you have such beautiful nails!”

“Yes, they change color, too multitasking”

“That is your nails support the function multitasking…”

“Yes, and your iPhone — no”

The second movie with the same actor in the role of consultant indicates no slot for a memory card in the iPhone.

“I want more phone memory, how do I do that?” — asks the girl.

“iCloud!” says the seller.

The girl says she doesn’t want to keep the files “somewhere in the cloud” and wants to keep everything important on my phone. In the process she of course mentions Galaxy S9, in which a slot has.

In the third video a guy is interested in the consultant prevents the upper part of the display Apple watch movies (there is a kind of “bangs”). In the testing process in the video there is a strange family with hair, like the upper part of the iPhone.

This is not the first time Samsung is directly mocking his rival. Previously, the company “passed” on the speed of the new iPhone X.


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