According to the resource ETNews, some time ago, representatives of Samsung Display introduced by Apple and Google with their foldable displays. The South Korean company are confident that such development may be of interest to large manufacturers of mobile devices and useful for them to create their own flexible smartphones.

At the presentation of the Samsung representatives showed a 7.2-inch collapsible matrix. The test sample was performed according to the same principles as the screen in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, the diagonal of the last few more.

According to sources, Samsung is planning to occupy most of the market for flexible displays. For this reason, representatives of the South Korean giant is trying to interest its development as many companies as possible. It is reported that in addition to Apple and Google Samsung offered their flexible displays Huawei and Oppo. However, these companies decided to abandon production of the South Korean manufacturer.

According ETNews, at the moment Samsung Display ready to produce about 2.4 million flexible displays per year. However, if the demand on the screens of new generation will be sufficiently large in the short term, the company promises to increase production to 10 million displays per year.

Sources ETNews is not reported if representatives of Samsung Display to interest Apple. However, many do not doubt that sooner or later, the cupertinos will release a flexible smartphone. This hint numerous patents of Apple. However, experts agree that Apple will be released a flexible smartphone soon – the announcement is unlikely to happen before 2020 or even 2021.


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