According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is working to create a bendable smartphone in 2014. Most likely, this gadget will be presented in 2019.

Many analysts believe that 2019 will set the new trends in design of smartphones. One of the leading companies in this field can become Samsung. The South Korean giant intends not only to market a gadget that can be folded, but also be first, ahead of the nearest competitor, Huawei.

Most likely, the smartphone will get a display with a diagonal of 7 inches and aspect ratio 4:3. The gadget will be folded in half like a wallet. When folded time and other useful information will be displayed on the additional screen. On the other half of the device will be one or more primary chambers.

The first generation of such phones, maybe it will set a new pricing benchmark for the entire industry that will lead to a General increase in the price of the mobile device.

Earlier in the network fell schematic drawings explaining how it will bend and shape the Samsung. These images are part of the patents that the South Korean company had learned to future products.


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