products and solutions and told about plans for development in 2019 at the annual conference

Samsung Forum which will be held from 10 to 12 March in Antalya (Turkey).

Tenth anniversary Forum Samsung

became a place of meetings of the company and its key partners from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,

Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Samsung Electronics presented

the conference with his business strategy for 2019, and also showed

actual products, including an updated line of QLED TVs, refrigerators, Family Hub, innovative recessed oven Dual Cook Flex powerful

upright vacuum cleaner Jet 200, a washing machine with remote control technology

wash Bixby and the new flagship Galaxy smartphones

S10. In addition,
the forum also presented solutions for “smart home”
database technology artificial intelligence and Internet of things for the development on the local

markets in the region.

“2019 is significant for us. This year Samsung Electronics celebrates its 50th anniversary. Throughout this time the company is not only a developer of advanced technological solutions, but also a trendsetter in the mobile industry, consumer electronics and display solutions. This would be possible without our partners who share our belief that innovation does not have barriers. Partners that help us create the future for consumers, in which everything is possible”, — said the President of the headquarters of Samsung Electronics in Russia and CIS Simon song.


QLED TVs Samsung 2019

In 2019 Samsung, the undisputed leader in the market

TVs since 2006, has announced a new line QLED TVs that will

available in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the region. The company will continue to increase

sales of TVs with a resolution of 8K to secure the leadership in the field of premium devices.

According to IHS, Markit Ltd, the shares of Samsung Electronics by 2018 the global market

TVs were up 29% and sales QLED TVs Samsung 4K and 8K amounted to 2.68 million units worldwide.

The sum of the diagonals of all Samsung devices shipped last year, equal to 30 square kilometers. This is comparable

with an area of 10 Islands, Youido — an upscale district of Seoul and financial

the heart of the capital.

Key products in the line QLED 2019

TVs with a resolution of 8K and 4K: 8K model series Q900R with a screen diagonal of
65 to 98 inches, and model 4K Q90R, Q80R, Q70R and Q60R with screen sizes of 43 to 82
inches. In total extended QLED 2019 totals more than

20 models, including those with very large screens.

Samsung continues to develop and improve

QLED technology: 2019 QLED TVs equipped with Ultra-Viewing Angle,

providing high image clarity with deeper tones

black color and wide viewing angle. New model Samsung QLED 4K after
8K TVs got a brand new Quantum processor, which can transmit the original content of any resolution

optimized for each scene using the technology of artificial

intelligence, with high brightness, superior picture quality and sound.

All QLED TVs Samsung 2019 model year

received support format HDR10+, thanks to which users will be able

view the image in minute detail. The QLED model with a resolution of 8K
will also support data transmission in the HDMI standard 2.1 (8K 60P), and
this means that their owners can enjoy content that is scalable to
8K resolution with the help of artificial intelligence.

Samsung Smart TVs first in the world received a new

iTunes Movies/TV Shows (“Movies/TV Show iTunes”) and support for Apple

AirPlay 2. Users will be able to use various functions, for example,

on/off TV or control volume by voice


Also, QLED TVs

Samsung has been updated

interior Ambient mode: there are new backgrounds and advanced processing

the images, for example, Art. With his help, applying various effects,

the user can turn their photos into true works of


146-inch modular TV to The Wall on the basis

the MicroLED technology was also presented at events in Antalya. In addition, Samsung

demonstrated lifestyle-TV’s the Frame and The Serif, which in this

year received QLED screens, unmatched quality

image, deeper contrast, rich black and a wholly-owned

the color volume.

A new level of user experience in consumer electronics

2019 Samsung Electronics

launches many new products, capable to satisfy constantly

changing needs and preferences of consumers and make them daily

life more comfortable.


novelties will be:

Four-time award winner of CES Best

of Innovation — smart refrigerator Samsung Family Hub. It makes it easy to manage

all devices in the house, greatly simplify the inventory management process

foods and cooking and to make communication between family members is even more

comfortable using a smart Board screen Family.

The most powerful to date, vertical, wireless vacuum cleaner Samsung — Jet 200 with a suction power of 200 W, work time up to 60 minutes of battery life and a five-stage air purification system that traps up to 99.99% of dust particles.
Flex Dual Cook first oven built in which implemented the ability to open the top part of the door separately from the bottom. Thanks to the innovative technology of a double door opening Flexible Door it is possible to cook two different dishes at the same time and open the oven with minimal heat loss.
Washing machines equipped with AI-technology Bixby to help the user to select a desired program for different types of tissue and control the washing process at any time from anywhere in the world. The new models are also equipped with a system of protection against leaks, ensuring reliability and safety of use of the washing machine.

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