The presentation Unpacked 2018 ninth of August, Samsung presented an updated smart watch Galaxy Watch.

It seems that Samsung wants to seriously compete with Apple for smartwatch market, so introduced the Galaxy Watch with functions that have the Apple Watch and which they do not have enough.

The new gadget is a module LTE, it is equipped with wireless charging and boasts good battery life – works for a few days. This watch uses AMOLED screen with high resolution under Gorilla glass DX+.

Special attention was paid to functions related to sports and health in General:

  • Galaxy Watch waterproof, they can safely swim;
  • know how special monitor heart rate when they see that the heart starts beating too fast, it helps to calm down;
  • keep track of sleep phases, and determine its quality.

Although Samsung did a good job on hardware and software, external clock is not particularly impressive. The designers have kept the appearance Gear S2 Classic, making it just a couple of minor changes.


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