When Apple shows the features of the cameras of its smartphones, the company is holding share among users of social networks under the slogan “Shot on iPhone” (Shot on iPhone).

But when Samsung try to do something similar, they end up in a ridiculous situation.

So, in the last campaign on Twitter to show the possibilities of the front camera Galaxy A8, marketers, Samsung has used a photo that was taken on a digital SLR camera.

Brazilian Supervisory users of the social network has provided proof of that.

“Samsung, who you trying to fool?”, – wrote a user with the nickname Feliperas.

In the division the South Korean tech giant in Brazil immediately found an excuse.

“Oops, sorry, You’re right Feliperas. Many of the photographs that we share in networks has really taken off on our devices, but some we take from a special database of images,” said Samsung experts.

The case was not unique, similar punctures had Samsung before.

This blunder forced Apple fans to rejoice, because the Samsung trolls iPhone X and Apple Store, with the ads more air time than the promotion of its smartphones.


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