Every year the flagship SoC, the backbone of modern smartphones, are becoming smaller. Currently available chips made for 7-nm process, and next year will come and 5-nm chips. However, Samsung announced a breakthrough in chip manufacturing that will help foundries achieve the miniaturization of process technology to 3 nm.

At the conference, Samsung Foundry Forum 2019 the South Korean manufacturer announced that 3-nm process technology Gate-All-Around (3GAE) is already in development, and will replace the transistors, underlying the chips smaller. Thanks to the use of GAA performance chips will increase by 35% and energy consumption reduced by up to 50%.

Being more difficult to manufacture 3-nm chips GAA will probably cost much more than the previous generation SoC, and therefore can result in less spread in the market. Nevertheless, Ryan Lee, Vice President of marketing of foundry business, said that over time the cost of production will decline.

Samsung’s processors, based on a 3-nm processor GAA, will be in 2021.

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