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Very often began to notice that forums users pay special attention to the SAR. The abbreviation has the following transcript — Specific Absorption Rate, is used in the description of the technical characteristics of a particular model. But on the product pages of the online stores do not have a detailed explanation what is the significance of the impact on cost, functionality and performance properties of the device.

“SAR” is a coefficient indicating the level of absorption of electromagnetic radiation emanating from the smartphone. This is an important criterion because it determines how much energy is transmitted per second in the process of a mobile device. As the units are Watts per kilogram, but each country has its own standards. For example, the EU allowed 2 watts per 10 grams of body tissue. In the United States of America = 1.6 W per gram. It is understood that when measuring the situation when the device operates at peak performance, radiating marginal amount of energy. In everyday conditions to achieve a similar effect, but usually the effect is significantly weaker than the established limits.

Surely You know that the most active electromagnetic spike is observed during a call. And the level of SAR on the same smartphone can vary depending on the distance to the base station (tower) of the mobile operator. The closer it is, the less radiation. Scientists have conducted several studies about this and posted the results for everyone to see. What is the biological effect occurs when different values of the coefficient? if less than 1 W per kg — there is no danger;

2 W/kg — tissue of the human body at the contact point is slightly heated (up to half a degree);

8 W — negative effect leads to an increase of the body temperature (37 degrees or higher);

over 50 VT — there is a high probability to burn. The SAR limit modern phones

It is worth noting that in the early 2000s, the number of push-button phones was small, but existing models emit about 5 watts per kilogram. Well, that fares were expensive and talk for a long time could only afford the “major” user.

Today introduced standards regulating the maximum value of ATS in the country. And the average value for the most popular gadgets is 1.2 watts. But there are “Champions” in terms of the minimum emission (0,2-0,3). Treat them virtually the entire range of Samsung smartphones (not advertising!), which antenna for mobile communication is not at the top of the housing, and the bottom.

If you are interested in Apple, here’s a visual comparison: it is Obvious that since the iPhone 8 developers have made some changes to the design, which affected the reduction factor. Useful content: what is the accelerometer

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After reading the above material there is an overwhelming desire to get information on your phone. But don’t worry — if You don’t have the old keypad Siemens or ESP, nothing to worry about. The new model is unlikely to burn the skin, except that there will be an explosion of the battery (unfortunately, such cases were recorded).

To know the SAR is very easy — just visit any website that provides a detailed description of the characteristics of the gadget. These resources include: [urlspan] Yandex Market [/urlspan]. In the search bar enter the name, see the list of suggestions, select the desired camera. Go to page “Features” and under “General” viewed the value of the index: [urlspan] DeviceSpecifications [/urlspan]. In the upper right corner has a search form. And also available a list of brands. The point is simple — find the appropriate device, then select the tab SAR: Scroll a little lower and see a chart showing the required information: it would be Possible to make rating for modern devices, but I don’t see the point. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes, we showed a way of obtaining information. The rest is up to You! The author recommends: Custom and stock firmware in your phone — what’s the difference

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How to crack the password on the phone and unlock code How to reduce SAR?

See what SAR on Your phone? Scared? Then read on to learn simple ways to reduce their negative impact. During a call, hold the device with your hands so as not to overlap the antenna, otherwise the gadget will need to strengthen the capacity for communication with the base station;

If you are indoors, try to go to the balcony to get close to the window;

The farther You are from “the tower”, the stronger the negative impact. So don’t talk too long. I feel that the phone heats up more than usual — stop conversation;

The following advice is unlikely anyone will adopt. Do not use the covers — they also reduce the passage of mobile signal and lead to increased power of the electromagnetic radiation;

Waiting for connection (after pressing the call button), hold the phone away from the head. Now You know more about the SAR level of the phone is what it is, how to find the value for a particular model and minimize the effect on the body.

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