So analysts predict.

Apple is going to start to seriously strengthen its position in the automotive industry in 2019, according to authoritative analysts of Saxo Bank. According to experts, this Apple will absorb the company Tesla. The acquisition of a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles will allow Apple to quickly become the industry leader.

Saxo Bank are confident that the goal of Apple is to strengthen its impact on the lives of their clients. And as digital technology actively penetrate into the automotive industry, the best step for Apple will be producing their own cars.

While Tesla lacks vital financial power, specialists say. The deal with Apple will be saving for Tesla, as the company will receive the necessary funds for the development of electric vehicles and Autonomous cars. In other words, the absorption of the Apple company Tesla will have a positive impact on both sides.

Saxo Bank note that their forecast is just a prediction, not insider information. However, in previous years, similar analysts often true.

Source: Saxo Bank.


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